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2023 NFL Coach of the Year Odds and Best Bets

The NFL’s preseason starts this week, and now is the time to start digging into the awards markets.

When it comes to futures markets, you do not need to bet on just one player, and you should also keep adding bets throughout the season. Think of future bets like building a portfolio. If you have four players to win at 20-1, and one of your four players wins, you are profiting a lot even though you just lost three other bets.

Here’s a look at 2023 NFL Coach of the Year odds from DraftKings Sportsbook and discuss some good bets to make now.

2023 NFL Coach of the Year Odds

Coach Team Odds
Dan Campbell Lions +850
Sean Payton Broncos +900
Matt Eberfus Bears +1100
Arthur Smith Falcons +1400
Robert Saleh Jets +1500
Matt Lefleur Packers +1600
Mike McDaniel Dolphins +2000
Demeco Ryans Texans +2200
Frank Reich Panthers +2200
Doug Pederson Jaguars +2200
Zac Taylor Bengals +2200
Shane Steichen Colts +2500
Mike Tomlin Steelers +2500
Dennis Allen Saints +2500
Brandon Staley Chargers +2500
Bill Belichick Patriots +2500
Kevin Stefanski Browns +2500
Pete Carroll Seahawks +3000
Kyle Shanahan 49ers +3000
Sean McVay Rams +3000
John Harbaugh Ravens +3000
Jonathan Gannon Cardinals +3500
Nick Sirianni Eagles +3500
Ron Rivera Commanders +3500
Mike Vrabel Titans +3500
Brian Daboll Giants +3500
Josh McDaniels Raiders +3500
Kevin O’Connell Vikings +3500
Sean McDermott Bills +3500
Mike McCarthy  Cowboys +4000
Todd Bowles Buccaneers +5000
Andy Reid Chiefs +5000

2023 NFL Coach of the Year – The Favorites

Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions +850

Dan Campbell has become a media darling, and the Lions are expected to make noise this season, so Campbell being chalk makes total sense here. If the Lions do win the NFC North, I can see the media giving him this award. Of all awards, narratives are the biggest deciding factor for the winner, and Campbell and the Lions are in a position to write a great narrative.

Sean Payton, Denver Broncos +900

The Broncos were terrible last season, and considering a lot of their roster is the same if they do improve greatly, Sean Payton will get a lot of credit. However, Payton is a veteran, so the only narrative going his way would be that Payton truly turned around this Broncos ship that was sinking fast. In order to do that, Denver would probably have to beat the Chiefs at least once and finish higher than them in the standings. That’s probably not going to happen, and Payton should probably not be the 2nd favorite for this award.

Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears +1100

The Bears were terrible last season, but if they improve mightily from their 2022 season, Eberflus could be in the running for this award. However, Chicago would have to make the playoffs and be better than the Lions for Eberflus to surpass Dan Campbell. Based on both teams’ rosters, this is a much taller task for Eberflus than it is for Campbell. I would not bet Eberflus to win this award.

2023 NFL Coach of the Year – Value Bets

Shane Steichen, Indianpolis Colts +2500

Rookie head coaches are often great bets to win this award, especially when the team they are taking over was one of the worst teams in the NFL the prior season. Steichen and the Colts check both of those boxes. As I mentioned early, this award is driven by media bias. Teams that overperform their win total and media expectation get a major leg up. The Colts won four games last year, and their win total is just 6.5 this season. If the Colts win nine games and make the playoffs, their overperformance should weigh heavily on the minds of voters.

Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks +2500

Pete Carroll may have been too good of a coach for too long to get real consideration for this award, but there is a chance he can win it. Expectations are high for Seattle after a playoff appearance and a great offseason, but there is still room for Seattle to perform well above these expectations. If the Seahawks overcome the 49ers in the NFC West an win 11 games, even though voter’s already expect Seattle and Carroll to be good, he still may warrant some consideration for their performance.

2023 NFL Coach of the Year – Longshot Bet

Josh McDaniels, Las Vegas Raiders +3500

One of the prerequisites to winning this award is your team winning games. The Raiders may have a problem doing that, and that would instantly kill any chance McDaniels has of winning this award. However, since the Raiders have such low expectations this season, if the Raiders do string together wins and stay competitive through the end in the AFC West, McDaniels could end up checking a lot of the boxes voters look for. With that being said, based on the Raiders roster, this is still an uphill battle for Las Vegas.

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