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NFL Week 3 – Most Overrated and Underrated Teams

We are two weeks into the NFL season, and like clockwork, there are teams that are already surpassing expectations, and there are teams that are underperforming expectations. While no one should be making any declarations about a team’s future two games, there are some teams that are clearly worse than last year and others that are playing too well to be true right now.

After watching every game and diving into every box score through two weeks, here are the top five more overrated and underrated teams heading into NFL Week 3. At this point in the season, the record does not matter as much as how you are playing. Let’s break who’s luck may run out soon and who’s playing better than it seems

NFL Week 3 – Most Overrated Teams

No. 3 Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are in a unique spot to start the season. They have low expectations coming into the season, and they are just 1-1. So, how can they be overrated? Well, while Matt Stafford and Sean McVay deserve tons of credit for what they have done so far, this Rams team is not built to last. They are getting insane production out of Stafford, this mediocre offensive line, rookie WR Puka Nacua, and WR TuTu Atwell. While this seems like a reason to be optimistic, we should pump the breaks. Los Angeles beat up the Seahawks, who made the playoffs last year and played well against the 49ers, but this team is not built for the stretch run.

We all know the Rams decided to trade most of their draft capital to go all in on winning the Super Bowl. We saw them face the repercussions last season – they were an absolute disaster simply because their roster was not good enough. This is essentially the same roster as last season. What will kill the Rams is injuries – this team has no depth. So, while they deserve kudos for their play so far, it’s hard to believe it will be sustainable over the next 16 weeks. The team deserves credit through two weeks, but the unfortunate reality is that this team is one or two injuries away from being like last season.

No. 2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are 2-0, and pundits are saying they are now the team to beat in the NFC South. While the Gold Sheet team was higher on TB than the market heading into the season, we need to pump the breaks here. The Buccaneers did not deserve to win Week One – they did a great job of keeping themself in the game and winning it, but the Vikings’ red zone troubles are more of a knock on them than the Buccaneers’ defense. Then, they beat the Bears, who may be a bottom-three team in football, in Week 2. Being 2-0 is great, but based on how they won and who they played, this team should not be considered one of the best teams in the NFC.

Baker Mayfield looks good so far, but that’s because he has yet to face serious pressure. The Vikings have a poor pass rush, and the Bears’ pass rush is virtually non-existent. Mayfield has currently faced the 7th lowest pressure percentage in the NFL. Last season, when he faced the 17th-lowest, he was waived due to poor play. This week, the Buccaneers face the Eagles, who no doubt have coverage problems, but they currently are 4th in the NFL in pressure rate. If Mayfield handles pressure and plays well, I will admit that I am wrong. Monday will be a big test for Baker and the Buccaneers.

No. 1 Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are 2-0, and considering the curse of the Super Bowl runner-up, Eagles fans have to be thrilled that they are winning football games. However, the Eagles look broken. Philadelphia’s defense is a major problem. Mac Jones and Kirk Cousins both absolutely diced up this defense in Weeks One and Two. If the Vikings hadn’t lost four fumbles, the Eagles would have lost. Minnesota had 374 yards, went 60% on third down, and only allowed two sacks while holding the ball for just 20:32 seconds. The Eagles did not deserve to win that game.

They have a chance to prove me wrong in NFL Week 3 against the Buccaneers, but if they cannot pressure Mayfield and make his life hell, this team can get seriously exposed as overrated. Philly is fortunate to have two wins in their back pocket because their play right now is not inspiring.

NFL Week 3 – Most Underrated Teams

No. 3 Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta is 2-0, but we should take them much more seriously. They have a tough NFL Week 3 matchup against the Lions, and this is where we will learn more key information about this team. With that being said, through two weeks, this Falcons team is good. They have a plan on offense, they have the linemen and skill players to make it happen, and their defense has played really well. Atlanta has an identity, and that’s a scary thing to go up against in this league.

Everyone can go on and on about how Atlanta underutilizes Drake London and Kyle Pitts, and while it is true, it does not really matter. Bijan Robinson is him. Desmond Ridder does not need to do anything except be a point guard in the pocket and a check-down artist when he throws. Outside of those 20 passing attempts a game, Atlanta can kill you on the ground with a great offensive line, three great running backs, and the ability to control the clock. Not to mention, this defense has played very well through two weeks. The Falcons, even at 2-0, may still be overlooked.

No. 2 Kansas City Chiefs

How can the Super Bowl champion be underrated? Well, they started the season with a loss. But, if you break down that game, the Chiefs should have won by over a touchdown. Still, the market downgraded them, and KC was just a 3-point favorite in Jacksonville. What happened? They only won by eight, yet they put up almost 400 yards and held the Jaguars to just nine points. Without the three turnovers, this could have been a three-score win. When you also consider that Travis Kelce and Chris Jones were limited in this game, you realize the sky is still the limit for this team.

What’s been most impressive for the Chiefs so far has been their defense. They stifled the Lions and Jaguars, two teams with high-flying offenses and high expectations for this season. While this offense does not look like the well-oiled machine we are used to, it should with time. If we learned anything last year, it was never to doubt Patrick Mahomes. We should not start now, especially with the defense playing at this level. KC is firmly in the Super Bowl race again.

No. 1 Washington Commanders

Washington is 2-0, and the media is giving them love, so perhaps they are not as fully underrated as it seems. Their two wins came against two bad teams, and they won by the skin of their teeth, skepticism about this team makes sense. However, this team feels different. They have an elite collection of skill position players and defensive talent. The dream defensive line that has not been together since 2021 is finally all together, and they put the league on notice against Denver. While Washington’s two wins have not been uber-inspiring, the talent on this team cannot be denied.

Washington has four first-round picks on its defensive line, and all four of them took turns making impact plays against Denver. Washington used significant draft capital on RBs Antonio Gibson and Brian Robinson, and both players have niches on the field. Sam Howell is throwing accurate passes with zip that the Commanders have not seen since they had Kirk Cousins. This team gets their first real test in NFL Week 3, but so far, this team could just be scratching the surface of their potential. They have talent at every level on the field.

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