by Mark Teehan, Recruiting Analyst and Chuck Sippl, Senior Editor


Team Pts.

1. Alabama 229
2. Southern Cal 200
3. Texas 195
4. LSU 192
5. Georgia 189
6. Florida 185
7. Florida St. 183
8. Ohio St. 177
9. Oklahoma 176
10. Auburn 167
11. Notre Dame 166
12. Michigan 160
13. Miami (FL) 154
14.Tennessee 149
15. UCLA 147
16. Clemson 144
17. Mississippi 141
18. Oregon 140
19. Texas A&M 131
20. Arkansas 128
21. So. Carolina 127
22. No. Carolina 123
23. Oklahoma St. 122
24. Penn State 120
25. California 118
26. Washington 117
27. Nebraska 116
28. Texas Tech 113
29. Virginia Tech 111
30. Stanford 108
31. Arizona St. 107
32. Mississippi St. 105
33. Michigan St. 103
34. Illinois 100
35. Missouri 99
36. Pittsburgh 99
37. West Virginia 96
38. Minnesota 95
39. Wisconsin 92
40. Kansas 91
41. Maryland 89
42. N.C. State 89
43. Arizona 88
44. So. Florida 86
45. Kentucky 85
46. Utah 84
47. Rutgers 84
48. Louisville 83
49. Georgia Tech 82
50. Baylor 82
51. BYU 79
52. TCU 78
53. So. Miss. 78
54. Colorado 78
55. Boston College 77
56. Virginia 75
57. Iowa 73
58. Kansas St. 73
59. Oregon St. 72
60. Washington St. 66
61. Central Florida 65
62. Syracuse 57
63. Northwestern 56
64. Purdue 55
65. Houston 55


One Recent Disappointing Class Does Not Spell Doom for a Team This Season

This year, four teams—two of them high-profile Top 25 types—experienced steep declines on my top 65 chart of 2011 Recruiting Rankings compared with their position on last season’s list. Those four teams are Miami-Fla. (-29 spots); Arizona State (-37; falling completely out of the top 65!); Pittsburgh (-39; ditto); and UCLA (an eye-opening 48-spot crash). Without analyzing the myriad factors that contributed to each team’s disappointing results on this year’s recruiting road, the head coaching and wholesale staff changes experienced by the Hurricanes and Panthers (a damaging double change) obviously had a negative effect on their recruiting efforts.

Still, the main point here is to maintain a strategic perspective, and to note that all four teams are still ranked in the top 40 of my latest four-year Cumulative Rankings: Miami (No. 13); UCLA (No. 15); Arizona State (No.31); and Pittsburgh (No. 36). While the respective coaches would certainly have preferred a more positive outcome on 2011 signing day, and while they might “pay the price” two to three years down the road (assuming they are still around), the fact remains that all four programs are still well stocked with talent.

This is especially true in the case of Miami and UCLA. Unfortunately for the Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel, who had signed well-ranked top-fifteen classes from 2008-2010 (#12, #15, #8) but oversaw mediocre on-field results during that time period, including two 4-8 seasons, this situation acts as a double-edged sword. Essentially, Neuheisel is on the proverbial “hot seat” this season. The fact that cross-town rival Southern Cal, dealing with NCAA sanctions, managed to sign a top-three class under the controversial Lane Kiffin only adds to the pressure on Neuheisel to impress this year, or else. Nevertheless, recent perception does not have to become a negative 2011 reality in Westwood.

The Importance of Coaching

While raw talent is clearly a vital factor in determining a team’s on-field fortunes, how that talent is positioned, coached and utilized and is more important. Significantly, a team’s success is determined by the insight of its head coach and his staff. Most critical is their cohesion, stability, and aptitude in evaluating, recruiting and developing the right players who fit their respective offensive and defensive schemes. A staff’s ability to “coach up” a lowly two-star recruit (vs. the plum five-star, four-star, and three-star types) into a solid two to three-year starter, or being able to turn a three-star All-Regional prospect into an All-Conference or All-American player, can be decisive in a team’s ability to win—both straight up and against the spread.

Consider the words of highly-respected Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz. “The simple numbers and geography will tell you that the biggest challenge is recruiting here. It all starts with being under three million population [in Iowa]. The high school football here is excellent, but we won’t ever be able to recruit 15 [nationally high-rated] guys in state. We have to hope to get guys with an upside and an attitude that they want to develop. That is no different than when I was here in the 80s. You have to get guys who will become good stories. And if you get enough good stories, you’ll have a chance to have a good team.”

Despite being only No. 57 in my latest four-year rankings, Iowa is a perennial bowl team and a frequent Big Ten top contender. Says Ferentz, “We can’t have a size chart. If a guy is too short, not heavy enough, we still have to take a look. We can’t say we’re going to get guys off that top-50 list. Realistically, we aren’t going to get guys of that magnitude.”

In the final analysis, a team’s players need to believe in their coaches and practice routines. Two classic examples of the truism that top-40 recruiting alone does not win games—regardless of the competition—occurred last season with Minnesota, which started with a solid No. 40 cumulative ranking, based on 2007-2010 recruiting. Led by “challenged” head coach Tim Brewster, the 29-point-favored Gophers managed to lose at home to FCS-level South Dakota, 38-41. Two games later, underdog Northern Illinois (+4), coached by the experienced, no-nonsense Jerry Kill, convincingly beat the Gophers at their new home field of TCF Bank Stadium 34-23. Considering that no Mid-American Conference team has ever made my annual rankings chart (those MAC teams are comprised primarily of two-star recruits) and that South Dakota is below even that level, those outcomes were even more startling. Again, those upsets proved how critical quality coaching can be in college football. (And, it should be noted, not only did Brewster fail to make it through the end of the 2010 regular season in Minneapolis, his replacement as head of the Gophers turns out to be none other than Northern’s Kill!)

Oregon and TCU Have Already “Arrived” on the Recruiting Trail

The sterling results achieved by these two underrated programs in the last few years perfectly illustrates how potent the combination of effective recruiting and superb coaching can be. The Oregon Ducks entered last year with a cumulative ranking of No. 17—a big advance from their previous top-50, but lower-rung Pac-10 “leftover” recruiting level. Meanwhile, the TCU Horned Frogs had a cumulative position of No. 60, but their top-flight head coach (Gary Patterson) and staff have made a habit of “coaching up” two and three-star prospects into performing at an elite, all-conference level. Therefore, TCU’s 21-19 Rose Bowl victory in January over Wisconsin—with its No. 38 cumulative ranking from the generally overrated Big Ten—was a challenge, but not totally surprising. Although many analysts predicted it would take TCU two years to reap the benefits of that victory on the recruiting trail, the Horned Frogs zoomed from a No. 53 position in last year’s annual rankings to an impressive No. 24 spot on this year’s chart—an eye-opening gain of 29 spots! Meanwhile, the high-scoring Ducks of Chip Kelly—fresh off their near upset of the SEC’s Auburn in last season’s BCS title game—smashed into the Top Ten of this year’s recruiting rankings at No. 8—easily their best showing in recent memory.


Based on my 2011 Top 65 Team Rankings, with teams in alpha order, based on a recruit’s talent, position, and his team’s needs.
(Key: **=Super-Impact recruit; *=Impact recruit; ^=Enrolled for spring; AA=High-school All-American; AR=High school All-Regional; NR=High school Not Rated; JCAA=Junior College All-American; JC=Junior College Not Rated; PS=Attended Prep school; ATH=Primary college position undetermined).

ALABAMA (No. 1)—DT Jesse Williams (**JCAA^); OL Aaron Douglas (*JCAA); DE Quinton Dial (*JCAA^); RB Demetrius Hart (**AA^); DE Jeoffrey Pagan (**AA); WR Duron Carter (*JCAA); OT Cyrus Kouandjio (*AA); DB Ha’sean Clinton-Dix (**AA).

ARIZONA (No. 61)—OL Faitele Faafoi (AR); DE Lamar De Rego (JCAA); RB Ka’Deem Carey (AA); TE Drew Robinson (JCAA^); OL Addison Bachman (JC^); P Kyle Dugandzic (JC^).

ARKANSAS (No. 16)—OL Jason Peacock (JCAA^); OT Brey Cook (*AA^); CB Tevin Mitchel (AA); WR Quinta Funderburk (AA^); OL Mitch Smothers (AA); WR Keante Minor (AA); LB Alonzo Highsmith (JCAA); TE Andrew Peterson (AA); DT Robert Thomas (JCAA^).

AUBURN (No. 5)—OLB Kris Frost (**AA); OL Christian Westerman (*AA); OL Reese Dismukes (*AA^); DB Enrique Florence (*AA); QB Kiehl Frazier (*AA); DB Jonathan Rose (AA^); DT Gabe Wright (AA); DE JaBrian Niles (AA); WR Jaylon Denson (AA).

BAYLOR (No. 48)—DB David Whitmore (JCAA); DB Josh Wilson (JCAA^); OL Nick Johnson JCAA^); OL Spencer Drango (AA); LB Kyle Boyd (AR); RB B.J. Allen (AR); CB Joe Williams (JC).

BOSTON COLLEGE (No. 41)—CB Albert Louis-Jean (*AA^); DE Connor Wujciak (AA); TE Brian Miller (AA); LB Steven Daniels (AA).

CALIFORNIA (No. 18)—DT Viliami Moala (*AA); OL Matt Williams (*JCAA^); RB C.J. Anderson (JCAA); RB Daniel Lasco (AA); DE Brennan Scarlett (AA); DB Avery Walls (AA^); DT Mustafa Jalil (AA); DE Todd Barr (AA); RB Brendan Bigelow (AA); DB Stefan McClure (AA).

CENTRAL FLORIDA (No. 36)—DE Toby Jackson (JCAA^); DE Cameron Henderson (JCAA); LB Terran Buck (JCAA^); LB Leilon Willingham (AA).

CINCINNATI (No. 38)—WR Damon Julian (JCAA); DB Malcolm Murray (JCAA^); RB Jameel Poteat (AA); ATH Demetrius Alston (AR).

CLEMSON (No. 11)—RB Mike Bellamy (**AA); LB Tony Steward (**AA); WR Sammy Watkins (**AA); LB Stephone Anthony (**AA); TE Eric MacLain (*AA); WR Charone Peake (*AA); DB Cortez Davis (AA); DT Kevin Dodd (AR).

FLORIDA (No. 15)—CB Marcus Roberson (**AA); RB Mike Blakely (**AA); TE A.C. Leonard (*AA^); QB Jeff Driskel (**AA^); WR Ja’Juan Story (AA); DB Jabari Gorman (AA); DB Louchiez Purifoy (AA); LB Graham Stewart (AA); OL Trip Thurman (AA).

FLORIDA ST. (No. 2)—RB/OLB James Wilder Jr. (**AA); DB Karlos Williams (**AA); DE Cornelius Carradine (**JCAA^); OL Jacob Fahrenkrug (*JCAA^); WR Kelvin Benjamin (*AA); CB Nick Waisome (*AA^); DT Timmy Jernigan (*AA); OL Bobby Hart (*AA); TE Nick O’Leary (*AA).

GEORGIA (No. 4)—RB Isaiah Crowell (**AA); DT Jonathan Jenkins (**JCAA); DE Ray Drew (**AA); WR Chris Conley (AA); TE Jay Rome (*AA); CB Damian Swann (*AA); DE Sterling Bailey (AA); OL Zach DeBell (AA).

GEORGIA TECH (No. 49)—LB Jabari Hunt-Days (AA); QB Vad Lee (AR); DB Domonique Noble (AR); ATH Chris Milton (AR); RB Broderick Snoddy (AR); WR Jeff Greene (AR); LB Tremayne McNair (AR).

ILLINOIS (No. 34)—DB Dondi Kirby (AA); ATH Jon Davis (AA); WR Kenny Knight (AR); WR Jeremy Whitlow (AR); RB Donovonn Young (AR); DT Chris Jones (AR); DE Darrius Caldwell (AR); DB Nick North (AR).

INDIANA (No. 60)—LB Zack Shaw (AA); DB Nick Stoner (AR); DB Forisse Hardin (AR); DB Michael Hunter (AR); WR Cody Latimer (AR).

IOWA (No. 28)—OG Jordan Walsh (*AA); DB Nicholas Law (AA); TE Ray Hamilton (AA); DT Darian Cooper (AA); ATH Rodney Coe (AA); WR Jacob Hillyer (AR). OL Dan Heiar (JCAA^).

IOWA ST. (No. 63)—QB Steele Jantz (JCAA^); TE Ernst Brun (JCAA); DB Jared Brackens (AR); DT Quinton Pompey (AR).

KANSAS (No. 31)—RB Darrian Miller (AA^); ATH Anthony Pierson (AA); LB Tunde Bakare (JCAA); DE Javonte Daniel (AR); ILB Isaac Wright (JC).

KANSAS ST. (No. 52)—DE Meshak Williams (JCAA^); QB Justin Tuggle (JCAA^); OL Shaun Simon (JCAA^); DB Nigel Malone (JCAA^); DB Kip Daily (JCAA); DB Allen Chapman (JCAA).

KENTUCKY (No. 35)—DB Glenn Faulkner (AA); OL Darrian Miller (AA); RB Marcus Caffey (AR); WR Rashad Cunningham (AR); DE Christian Coleman (AR); DT Shaq Love (AR); DE David Washington (AR).

LOUISVILLE (No. 30)—QB Teddy Bridgewater (*AA^); DB Gerod Holliman (*AA); WR DeVante Parker (AA); OL John Miller (AR); OL Mike Romano (AR); OL Ryan Mack (AR); CB Andrew Johnson (AA); DE Bryant Dubose (AR); DT Jamon Brown (AR).

LSU (No. 9)—QB Zach Mettenberger (*JCAA^); DT Anthony Johnson (**AA^); WR Jarvis Landry (**AA); OL La’El Collins (*AA); RB Kenny Hilliard (*AA^); DB David Jenkins (AA); DB Jalen Collins (AA); DE Jermauria Rasco (*AA).

MARSHALL (No. 58)—DE Terry Franklin (JCAA); DE Robert Mincey (AR); WR Davonte Allen (AR); RB Remi Watson (AR); DB Keith Baxter (AR).

MARYLAND (No. 64)—RB Justus Pickett (AR); CB Makinton Dorleant (AR); DB Jeremiah Hendy (AR); ATH Undray Clark (AR); Nigel King (AR^).

MEMPHIS (No. 59)—WR Jamere Valentine (JCAA^); LB Kenyata Johnson (JCAA^); DE Zach Gholson (JCAA^); OL Jordan Devey (JCAA^); RB Artaves Gibson (AR).

MIAMI (FL; No. 45)—DE Anthony Chickillo (**AA); ATH Kevin Grooms (AA); DE Jalen Grimble (AA); LB Denzel Perryman (AA); K Dalton Botts (JCAA).

MICHIGAN (No. 25)---RB Justice Hayes (*AA); DE Brennen Beyer (AA); TE Chris Barnett (AA); LB Antonio Poole (AA); LB Kellen Jones (AA); OL Chris Bryant (AA); K Matt Wile (AR); CB Greg Brown (AR^).

MICHIGAN ST. (No. 29)—OLB/DE Lawrence Thomas (**AA); OL Fou Fonoti (JCAA); DE Joel Heath (AA); OL Brandon Clemons (AA); OL Donavon Clark (AA); WR Juwan Caesar (AR); ATH Onaje Miller (AA).

MINNESOTA (No. 51)—DB Drayquan Crawford (JCAA); WR Ge’Shun Harris (JCAA^); OLTommy Olson (AA); QB Max Shortell (AR); DB Steven Montgomery (AR); WR Quentin Gardener (AR); OL Joshua Campion (PSAR); LB Jephete Matilus (AR); WR Marcus Jones (NR^).

MISSISSIPPI (No. 17)—MLB C.J. Johnson (**AA); CB Wesley Pendleton (JCAA^); DT Gilbert Pena (JCAA^); DB Ivan Nicholas (JCAA^); DT Uriah Grant (JCAA); DB Aaron Garbutt (JCAA); WR Tobias Singleton (AA); WR Donte Moncrief (AA); OL Aaron Morris (AA); DE Kameron Wood (AR); Zach Stoudt (JCAA^); WR Nickolas Brassel (AA).

MISSISSIPPI ST. (No. 33)—WR Joseph Morrow (AA); DB Darion Arrington (AA); OL Joey Trapp (JCAA^); DB Darius Slay JCAA); RB Derrick Milton (PSAR); DE Preston Smith (AR).

MISSOURI (No. 50)—DT Sheldon Richardson (**JCAA); DE Shane Ray (AA); DB Cortland Browning (AR); WR Brandon Hannah (AR); DB David Johnson (AR).

NEBRASKA (No. 19)—RB Aaron Green (**AA); CB Charles Jackson (**AA); S Daimion Stafford (*JCAA); OT Tyler Moore (*AA^); DE Joseph Carter (JCAA); QB Jamal Turner (AA^).

NO. CAROLINA (No. 23)—DT Sylvester Williams (*JCAA^); RB Stephen Houston (JCAA); WR T.J. Thorpe (AA^); DB Kameron Jackson (AR); DT Devonte Brown (AA); LB Travis Hughes (AA); QB Marquise Williams (AA^).

NO. CAROLINA ST. (No. 57)—DE McKay Frandson (JCAA^); DB Rodman Noel (PSAA); ATH Hakim Jones (AR).

NORTHWESTERN (No. 62)—WR Xavier Youngblood-Ary (AR); DB Jarrell Williams (AR); WR Christian Jones (AR).

NOTRE DAME (No. 7)—DE/OLB Ishaq Williams (**AA^); DE Stephon Tuitt (**AA); DE Aaron Lynch (**AA^); WR Davaris Daniels (*AA); ATH (WR/FS) George Atkinson III (*AA); TE Ben Koyack (*AA).

OHIO STATE (No. 10)—OLB Curtis Grant (**AA); DT Michael Bennett (*AA); DE Kenny Hayes (*AA); DE Steve Miller (*AA); DB Doran Grant (*AA); DB Jeremy Cash (AR^); LB Ryan Shazier (AA^); QB Braxton Miller (*AA^).

OKLAHOMA (No. 20)—RB Brandon Williams (**AA^); DT Jordan Phillips (*AA); DE Nathan Hughes (AA); WR Trey Metoyer (**AA); LB Franklin Shannon (AA); DB Bennett Okotcha (AR); DT Marquis Anderson (AA^); OL Dylan Dismuke (AA).

OKLAHOMA ST. (No. 21)—RB Herschel Sims (**AA); DB Lyndell Johnson (AA); DT Maurice Hayes (JCAA^); DE Ryan Robinson (JCAA^); LB Alex Elkins (JCAA); OL Michael Bowie (JCAA^); QB J.W. Walsh (*AA^).

OREGON (No. 8)—WR Rahsaan Vaughn (**JCAA); DT Jared Ebert (JCAA^); ATH De’Anthony Thomas (**AA); ATH Colt Lyerla (**AA^); DE Lake Koa-Ka’ai (AA); LB Anthony Wallace (AA); OL Jacob Fisher (AA); WR Devon Blackmon (**AA); ATH Christian French (*AA).

OREGON ST. (No. 47)—DE Rusty Fernando (JCAA^); WR Brandin Cooks (AA); DE Dylan Wynn (AA); RB Malcolm Agnew (AR); RB Storm Woods (AR); DE Blake Harrah (JC^).

PENN STATE (No. 39)—DE Anthony Zettel (*AA); DE Deion Barnes (AA); ATH Bill Belton (AA); WR Allen Robinson (AR).

RUTGERS (No. 40)—RB Savon Huggins (**AA); WR Miles Shuler (AA); DT Marquise Wright (AA); DE Djwany Mera (PSAA^); CB Johnathan Aiken (AR^); DT Kenneth Kirksey (PSAR^); OL Keith Lumpkin (AA); P Anthony DiPaula (NR^).

SO. CAROLINA (No. 14)—DE Jadeveon Clowney (**AA); OT Brandon Shell (*AA); CB Brison Williams (PSAA^); DT Phillip Dukes (AA); OL Kaleb Broome (JCAA^); OL Mike Matulis (AR); DB Sheldon Royster (AA).

SO. FLORIDA (No. 54)—Elkino Watson (AA); LB Mike Jeune (JCAA); WR Andre Davis (AA); S Chris Garye Jr. (AR); RB Willie Davis (AR).

SOUTHERN CAL (No. 3)—WR George Farmer (**AA); DB Isiah Wiley (*JCAA); ATH Marquise Lee (**AA); DE Greg Townsend Jr. (*AA); LB Lamar Dawson (*AA); OG Cyrus Hobbi (*AA); LB Tre Madden (*AA); RB Amir Carlisle (*AA); ATH Javorius Allen (AR); QB Max Wittek (AA^); OL David Garness (JCAA^); OL Jeremy Galten (JCAA^); PK Andre Heidari (AR^).

SMU (No. 37)—DE Davon Moreland (AA); WR Arrius Holleman (AR); DE Christian Holloway (AR); RB K.C. Niemchi (AR); ATH Derek Longoria (AR); DB Daren Kitchen (AR).

STANFORD (No. 27)—MLB James Vaughters (*AA); DB Wayne Lyons (AA); DE Charlie Hopkins (AA); RB Kelsey Young (AA); OL Brendon Austin (AA); DT Lance Callihan (AR); DT Anthony Hayes (AR).

SYRACUSE (No. 55)—LB Siriki Diabate (JCAA^); LB Oliver Vigilie (AR); OL Kristofer Curtis (AR); DB Ritchy Desir (AR); RB Adonis Ameen-Moore (AR); WR Durell Eskridge (WR); WR Dyshawn Davis (PSAR^).

TENNESSEE (No. 13)—WR DeAnthony Arnett (*AA); LB A.J. Johnson (AA); OT Antonio Richardson (*AA); DT Maurice Couch (**JCAA); S Byron Moore (**JCAA); ATH Izauea Lanier (JCAA); CB Justin Coleman (AA^); LB Christian Harris (AR).

TCU (No. 24)—CB Jason Verrett (JCAA^); WR Cameron White (AA); ATH LaDarius Brown (*AA); DT Chuck Hunter (AA); DB Kolby Griffin (AR); OL Bobby Thompson (AR); DB Chris Hackett (AR).

TEXAS (No. 6)—RB Malcolm Brown (**AA); LB Steve Edmond (*AA); CB Quandre Diggs (*AA^); WR Jaxon Shipley (*AA); DT Desmond Jackson (*AA); DE Cedric Reed (AA); WR Miles Onyegbule (AA); OT Garrett Greenlea (AA); OG Sedrick Flowers (AA); DB Sheroid Evans (AA).

TEXAS A&M (No. 32)—LB Donnie Baggs (AR^); DE Brandon Alexander (AA); DB Floyd Raven (AA); DB Howard Matthews (AA); DT LaMarc Strahan (JCAA); LB Steven Jenkins (JCAA^); DB Johntel Franklin (JCAA^).

TEXAS TECH (No. 12)—DE Leon Mackey (*JCAA); WR Marcus Kennard (*JCAA^); DT Delvon Simmons (**AA); TE/WR Jace Amaro (*AA); WR Javares McRoy (AA); WR Derek Edwards (AA^); RB Kenny Williams (AA); OL Tony Morales (*AA); LB Blake Dees (AR^).

UCLA (No. 56)—QB Brett Hundley (*AA^); LB Ryan Hofmeister (JCAA); DT Kevin McReynolds (AA); WR Devin Lucien (AA); OL Torian White (AR); OL Jake Brendel (AR); TE Raymond Nelson (AR); LB Aaron Wallace Jr. (AR^).

UTAH (No. 44)—WR Anthony Denham (**JCAA); DB Keith McGill (*JCAA); RB John White (JCAA^); RB Harvey Langi (AA^); DB Eric Rowe (AR); DB Joseph Bryant (AR); OL Daniel Nielson (AR^); OL Sioasi Aiono (AR); WR Nate Fakahafua (AR);

VANDERBILT (No. 53)—TE Dillon van der Wal (AA); RB Jerron Seymour (AR); DE Barron Dixon (AR); DB Larry Franklin (AR); ATH Joshua Grady (AR).

VIRGINIA (No. 26)—CB Demetrious Nicholson (*AA); RB Clifton Richardson (AA); CB Brandon Phelps (AA); ATH Dominique Terrell (AA); ATH Darius Jennings (AA); OL Kelby Johnson (AR); DT David Dean (AR).

VIRGINIA TECH (No. 46)—RB Michael Holmes (AR); DB Ronny Vandyke (AA); DB Kyshoen Jarrett (AA); DT Kris Harley (AA); DE Justin Taylor (PSAR); DE Matt Roth (AR); DE Corey Marshall (AA); WR Robby Lockhart (AR).

WASHINGTON (No. 22)—TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins (**AA^); WR Kasen Williams (*AA); DT Danny Shelton (AA); DE Taniela Tupou (AA); OL Dexter Charles (AR); RB Bishop Sankey (AA); DB James Sample (AA); QB Derrick Brown (AR); LB Thomas Tutogi (JCAA^); QB Antavius Sims (JCAA); DE Connor Cree (AR).

WASHINGTON ST. (No. 65)—OL Rico Forbes (JCAA^); DE Ian Knight (JCAA^); OL Alex Mitchell (AA); LB Darryl Paulo (AR); LB Darryl Monroe (AR^).

WEST VIRGINIA (No. 43)—DT Shaq Rowell (JCAA); LB Josh Francis (JCAA^); RB Andrew Buie (AA); DB Terrell Chestnut (AA); DB Vance Roberts (AA^).

WISCONSIN (No. 42)—RB Melvin Gordon (*AA); TE Austin Traylor (AA); LB Jake Keefer (AA); DB Mike Caputo (AR); DB Jordan Fredrick (AR); DE Jesse Hayes (AR); WR A.J. Jordan (AR).

(Based on strong upward movement on the 2008-11 Cumulative Chart)

1. Texas Tech (+13 gain)
2. Utah (+11 gain)
3. Kentucky (+10 gain)
4. Michigan St. (+9 gain)
5. TCU (+8 gain)
6. Florida St. (+7 gain)
7. Washington (+5 gain)


Special thanks to my son, Julian Teehan of PC Recruiting, for valuable technical help and inspiration.

The following services were used as sources to help generate a comprehensive database and more accurate rankings: Rivals.com—by far the best Internet recruiting service; MaxPreps.com (Tom Lemming); ESPN.go.com; JCFootball.com (featuring J.C. Grid-Wire); and Scout.com. Special past appreciation and gratitude go to the folks at PrepStar Magazine for their helpful publications and contributions

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