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NCAAF Week 0 Preview

All prior PDF versions of the 2023-24 Football GoldSheet will be posted here each week. While the PDF version remains a fantastic way to digest the Football GoldSheet each week, we encourage users to check out the improvements that have been made on the web version. Each section of the newsletter is now mobile responsive with sticky sections to reduce scrolling and create a better experience. The improved navigation at the top of the page allows you to seamlessly switch between the analysis sections of the newsletter to the stats and trends sections. We encourage everyone to check out the web version as we continue to add enhancements and updates through out the season.

2023 NCAAF Week 0
2023 NCAAF Week 1
2023 NCAAF Week 2 / NFL Week 1
2023 NCAAF Week 3 / NFL Week 2
2023 NCAAF Week 4 / NFL Week 3
2023 NCAAF Week 5 / NFL Week 4
2023 NCAAF Week 6 / NFL Week 5
2023 NCAAF Week 7 / NFL Week 6
2023 NCAAF Week 8 / NFL Week 7