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MLB Betting Report for Friday, July 14

daily mlb stat sheet

Welcome to the launch of the GoldSheet’s new daily MLB stat sheet. Each day we’ll have a starting pitcher and bullpen report on a handful of featured games for that day, plus a recommended traditional play (moneyline, total, etc.) and a recommended prop bet for the day. The goal is to have the sheet published around noon ET each day, assuming that starting pitchers are announced and lines are widely available.

Access to the MLB daily stat sheet is $15 for seven days, which comes out to a little over $2 per day. Click here to purchase for the upcoming week. If you are more interested in just the picks side of things and not necessarily on the stats and handicapping tools, we’ve got you covered there as well. Over on our WagerTalk page, we post several of our top selections and prop bets each day with detailed analysis.

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Featured Games for Friday, July 14:
#953 San Francisco Giants (Stripling) at #954 Pittsburgh Pirates (Hill)
#955 Los Angeles Dodgers (Urias) at #956 New York Mets (Verlander)
#957 Milwaukee Brewers (Burnes) at #958 Cincinnati Reds (Ashcraft)
#969 Detroit Tigers (Rodriguez) at #970 Seattle Mariners (Castillo)

Featured Prop Bet for Friday, July 14:
Tyler Glasnow (TB) Over 7.5 Strikeouts at Kansas City
One thing to watch today is how teams are resetting their starting lineup. Are teams using their ace on the first day after the All-Star Break, or are they sticking with the rotation that they left off with last Sunday? Some starting pitchers may be coming back from a much-longer-than-normal break this weekend. That won’t be the case with Tyler Glasnow, who started last Friday and should be close to his normal routine. Since his return from injury earlier this season, Glasnow has been an elite strikeout pitcher. After eight starts, he’s in the 97th percentile among pitchers in strikeout rate, the 97th percentile in whiff rate and the 88th percentile in chase rate. In his three starts before the break, Glasnow struck out right against the Braves, 11 against the Mariners and 12 against the…Royals. On June 25, Glasnow allowed one run on four hits in 5.0 innings against Kansas City while striking out 12 and walking one. The Royals are No. 27 in strikeout rate against right-hand pitching this season. They have the fifth-highest strikeout rate so far in the month of July. They are No. 25 in chase rate and No. 28 in whiff rate. Glasnow is on his normal pitching schedule. The Royals’ hitters have been off for four days. Glasnow should be able to blow them away and flirt with a double-digit tally like he did a couple weeks ago.

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