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GoldSheet MLB Power Rankings | August 2nd

2023 GoldSheet MLB Power Rankings

We are back with another edition of the Gold Sheet’s MLB Power Rankings. Every Tuesday, we will break down the last week of MLB action and move teams up and down these rankings accordingly.

At the Gold Sheet, we have an understanding of what to expect from teams based on these first 100 or so games. We can surmise power rankings based on future odds of winning the 2023 World Series and current performance, and the Gold Sheet has found some teams that are trying to win it all. Here is the 15th edition of the Gold Sheet’s 2023 MLB Power Rankings, which will update weekly.

For this week, we are going to talk about the teams who are serious and the teams who are unserious.

GoldSheet 2023 MLB Power Rankings | August 2nd

Team This Week Last Week Change
Atlanta Braves 1 1 N/A
Baltimore Orioles 2 2 N/A
Los Angeles Dodgers 3 4 +1
Houston Astros 4 3 -1
Tampa Bay Rays 5 6 +1
Texas Rangers 6 5 -1
Philadelphia Phillies 7 10 +3
Boston Red Sox 8 11 +3
Milwaukee Brewers 9 14 +5
Minnesota Twins 10 13 +3
Toronto Blue Jays 11 7 -4
San Francisco Giants 12 12 N/A
Arizona Diamondbacks 13 8 -5
Miami Marlins 14 9 -5
Cincinatti Reds 15 16 +1
Chicago Cubs 16 18 +2
Seattle Mariners 17 15 -2
New York Yankees 18 19 +1
Cleveland Guardians 19 17 -2
Los Angeles Angels 20 20 N/A
San Diego Padres 21 21 N/A
St. Louis Cardinals 22 23 +1
Chicago White Sox 23 22 -1
Detroit Tigers 24 24 N/A
New York Mets 25 25 N/A
Pittsburgh Pirates 26 26 N/A
Washington Nationals 27 27 N/A
Colorado Rockies 28 28 N/A
Kansas City Royals 29 29 N/A
Oakland Athletics 30 30 N/A

Tier One: Serious Contenders

No. 1 Atlanta Braves
No. 2 Baltimore Orioles
No. 3 Los Angeles Dodgers
No. 4 Houston Astros
No. 5 Tampa Bay Rays
No. 6 Texas Rangers

Of all the teams expected to make the playoffs this season, these six teams have the best chances of doing serious damage. All of these teams, besides the Rays, improved at the deadline. The Braves, Orioles, Astros, Dodgers, and Rangers added much-needed pitching to their teams to go along with already stout offenses. This bunch should be competing until the very end of the season.

Tier Two: Chance to Make Some Noise

No. 7 Philadelphia Phillies
No. 8 Boston Red Sox
No. 9 Milwaukee Brewers
No. 10 Minnesota Twins
No. 15 Cincinnati Reds

These teams are all borderline playoff teams, but these teams have a great chance of making something happen if they do make the postseason. The Phillies have arms and enough offensive firepower. The Red Sox need arms but can mash, and Trevor Story will be back soon. The Brewers added much-needed bats. The Twins and Reds sat idly by, but both teams have very good chances to make the postseason. I would look out for any of these teams if they do make the postseason.

Tier Three: Unserious “Contenders”

No. 11 Toronto Blue Jays
No. 12 San Francisco Giants
No. 13 Arizona Diamondbacks
No. 14 Miami Marlins
No. 16 Chicago Cubs
No. 17 Seattle Mariners
No. 18 New York Yankees
No. 19 Cleveland Guardians
No. 20 Los Angeles Angels

No. 21 San Diego Padres

This tier is a mix of teams that tried to buy at the deadline and teams that were comfortable selling at the deadline. The Blue Jays, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Cubs, Padres, and Angels attempted to get better, but none of these teams got substantially better. Considering there are much better teams ahead of these teams in the standings, their efforts to improve will not put them in a position to win anything important.

The rest of the bunch either sold or did nothing to get better, basically accepting defeat for the rest of the season.

Tier Four: Unserious. Period.

No. 22 St. Louis Cardinals
No. 23 Chicago White Sox
No. 24 Detroit Tigers
No. 25 New York Mets
No. 26 Pittsburgh Pirates
No. 27 Washington Nationals
No. 28 Colorado Rockies
No. 29 Kansas City Royals
No. 30 Oakland Athletics

While the Cardinals, White Sox, and Mets wanted to be good this season, the rest of this bunch never had a shot, and they never pretended to want to win, either. These teams are looking toward the future, and they will just coast through the rest of the season.

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