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GoldSheet Football: What’s New for 2023?

2023 Football GoldSheet

As soon as the confetti began falling in Glendale, Arizona after Super Bowl 57, the GoldSheet team began working on some new-and-exciting things for the 2023-24 football season. We appreciate everyone’s patience during the offseason and look forward to welcoming you back for another year with the country’s oldest sports betting newsletter.

2023 Football GoldSheet

The biggest change for the upcoming football season is that our three primary products – The Football GoldSheet, Extra and Confidential Kickoff – are being combined into one product. For those that aren’t familiar with the three products, here’s a quick breakdown. Examples from last year’s GoldSheet can also be viewed on our Samples page.

The Football GoldSheet – Features a writeup on EVERY college football and NFL game for the upcoming week, along with some basic stats, power ratings, strength of schedule and week-by-week stat logs.

Confidential Kickoff – Features a head-to-head matchup look at the advanced stat logs, complete with turnover differentials, yards per point and some more in-depth numbers.

Extra – For the technical handicapper that enjoys historical trends and angles. We’ll dip into the database to share some notable trends as they pop up through out the season.

New GoldSheet Pricing

Previously, each of those individual products were available for $15 per week, or available in one packaged product that we named The Triple Threat. Buying those three products individually last year would have cost $45 per week. The price of the combined product for the 2023-24 season is now $30 per week. If you are used to just buying the Football GoldSheet newsletter by itself each week, this will be a price increase for you. If you are used to buying multiple products or the Triple Threat, this will be a price decrease for you.

Now that you know what the weekly price will be and how the newsletter will be structured, let’s talk about early-bird purchasing for the whole season:

From now until June 30: $129 (Getting the whole season for the cost of 4.5 individual weeks)
From July 1 through July 16 (MLB All-Star Game): $149 (Getting the whole season for the cost of five individual weeks)
From July 17 through August 3 (NFL Hall of Fame Game): $159 -> $169 -> $179
From August 4 through August 13: $189 (Getting the whole season for the cost of six individual weeks)
From August 14 through August 26: $199 (Getting the whole season for the cost of 6.5 individual weeks)
From August 27 through September 6: $209 (Getting the whole season for the cost of seven individual weeks)
Full Price on September 7 for NFL Week 1: $219.


GoldSheet Football Picks

If you’re a returning GoldSheet subscriber, chances are that you’ve seen some of our messaging regarding LTS picks moving to WagerTalk. That will be the case for the upcoming season. All picks with analysis – NFL, NBA, MLB, and beyond – are available at WagerTalk and will not be offered here at the GoldSheet web site.

What’s the difference between the two services? If you are interested in doing your own handicapping through out the week during football season, you want to purchase the GoldSheet Football newsletter product here at the GoldSheet web site. Read our thoughts on the matchups, break down the stats and develop your own betting slate each week. If you are short on time during the week and are only interested in receiving the picks (with some great analysis), you’ll want to be signed up at WagerTalk. Picks can be sent to you via text message or email without needing to check back on the web site. Subscribers can receive rewards credits, discounted plays, improved technology and much more. Last year, GoldSheet was WagerTalk’s No. 1 NFL handicapper with a record of 49-28-3 (22.2% ROI).

New GoldSheet Content

The sports betting world has changed drastically over the last 6-7 years, and the GoldSheet will continue to evolve with it. Historical trends and angles provide great happy hour talking points, but in the year 2023, we must acknowledge that the sports we love are changing at a rapid pace. The transfer portal now allows college sports teams to reinvent themselves after every season. College football will see new rules for this upcoming season, which will likely affect the number of plays per game and betting totals. We will continue to focus our attention on “traditional” wagers, but there will be an increased effort to share some complimentary thoughts on player props, teasers, first half lines and other betting markets. GoldSheet will continue to evolve, while still maintaining the same format that you’ve grown accustomed to over the last 65 years. We have launched a new YouTube channel where we’ll be providing video content through out the football season. Subscribe to the channel and set notifications as we begin to release preseason football content at the end of June and into July.

If you have any questions about the upcoming season, please reach out to us via email at And if you’ve made it this far, a) Thank you; b) Have you seen our new MLB product? Our daily baseball sheet offers an advanced look at nearly every MLB game each day, complete with at least two recommended wagers. A seven-day pass is $15, coming out to a little over $2 per day.