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Who We Are

Founded in 1957, The GoldSheet is the country’s longest-running sports betting newsletter. Each week, the GoldSheet team delivers analysis on all NFL and college football games, along with key NBA and college basketball matchups. 


For over 60 years, GoldSheet readers have received the publication’s Key Releases, as well as access to proprietary power rankings on all teams. The GoldSheet maintains in-depth point spread and results logs, giving sports bettors and enthusiasts the insight needed to maximize their wagers.


Our History


Written by Bruce Marshall

“Relate to our audience!”  So TGS founder Mort Olshan used to say.  A credo that TGS has embraced since 1957.


For over 40 years, it was Mort who set the tone for TGS as a pioneer in a field that attracted many pretenders and could often prove a magnet for unscrupulous sorts.  Mort, however, always saw things differently, not only for the role TGS could play in the marketplace, but for the latter itself.


To say Mort was ahead of his time would be an understatement; the proliferation of sports gaming in a regulated form  is something Mort was talking about generations ago.  Mort always believed TGS could play an important role in an exercise that has long been a source of pleasure and enjoyment to tens (hundreds?) of thousands even before recent law changes set aside most of the old taboos.


The role of TGS has always been simple.  Provide a complement to an audience that shared our same passion for sport, and would appreciate an informed opinion presented in a colorful manner.  Mort always chafed when some would refer to TGS as a “tout” sheet; nothing would anger him more.  Instead, Mort always believed TGS was more in the mold of a financial information newsletter, treating its content and audience seriously.  In that regard, Mort always believed TGS was much like its readership, and thus could easily relate to what the customer base wanted from the publication, and knowing they would not ever appreciate deceit.


Such a balancing act was forever difficult for much of the industry, where countless competitors have come and gone over the decades.  Not, however, for Mort, who worked under a different mandate.  Specifically, striving not only to distill all of the pertinent information, but do so in conversational and, when possible, colorful tones with the audience.  Mort though TGS should be a good read. 


The same connection to our readership applies to our extensive network of sources and scouts, many of whom share our similar passion, and developed over the past several decades.  While TGS has embraced the modern information network, the personal touch provided by our long-running contacts remains one of our priceless components.


From the outset, Mort also knew that much of his audience also liked to form its own opinions, but would still appreciate some of the nuts-and-bolts info that TGS has provided for over six decades.  TGS was the first to publish many of these tools, be they the weekly pro and college logs, power ratings, tech trends (Technician’s Corner), matchup dynamics (Looking for an Angle), or personnel developments (Special Ticker).  All unique and pioneered by TGS, whose information has been sought by major media outlets who knew there was only one place to access such unique historical info.


Along the way, TGS has always tried hard to avoid the sorts of platitudes in its presentation that many in the industry seem to mistakenly embrace.  Serious followers of sport can see through shallow analysis and overhype, both of which Mort loathed.  No promises of endless winners and riches to be won from TGS opinions, rather, a complement to the readers, who appreciate a one-stop shop for pertinent information.  The proper presentation of info was always highly important to Mort, who imparted that same artistic emphasis to his understudies.


It is in the spirit of the above that TGS continues to this day, providing the same sort of unique approach with the personal touch, valuing not only the content of its presentation, but above all  making it an enjoyable and valuable read.   Mort never thought TGS should be the only source of info for his readers, but believed strongly that a proper mix of information, presented in an honest manner, should be part of the weekly routine for his readership.


Mort’s spirit lives to this day at TGS, still featuring some of his disciples who learned the business from one of the true pioneers of the industry, and have continued to produce TGS with the same objectives as decades ago.  The publication has changed in format with the times and embraced new technologies, but at its core remains as committed to an ideal as was Mort upon his founding of TGS over six decades ago.


Mainly, we’re still one with our customers…and think we know what they want to read.  A recipe that has worked at TGS for 65 seasons! 

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