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2024-25 Football GoldSheet: What to Expect

2024-25 Football GoldSheet Promotion

“Mike was not a big sports gambler himself, but he knew a ripe market when he saw one. He dug for information at his local library and bookstores. He searched NCAA football guides, which listed scores and statistics, as well as local and national newspapers and handicapping resources like the GoldSheet.” – Billy Walters, Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk

2023 was a year of transition and challenges for the GoldSheet team, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support. As we’ve had a moment to catch our breath after the confetti fell in Las Vegas, we wanted to share our commitment on improvements for the upcoming year.

The GoldSheet Web Site

We acknowledge that the interruptions and issues that the GoldSheet web site experienced last year were unacceptable. Over the last few months, we have been putting measures in place to transition everything over to a different, more stable platform. Stay tuned for more updates on what that will mean in the upcoming months.

In-Season Content

With the ever-changing, ever-growing sports betting industry, we attempted to incorporate some new content that highlighted player props and some new sports book offerings. We heard your feedback on that, and we will be reverting back to a more traditional GoldSheet style for the upcoming football season.


Prior to last season, we raised the price of the weekly single-issue GoldSheet, but we did not raise prices on season-long subscriptions. Season-long Football GoldSheet subscribers received more content than they had previously received through the addition of Extra and CKO, which were previously separate products. The same will be true again this year. Season-long subscriptions will hold substantially more value than purchasing week-to-week through out the season as we want to create a more immersive experience through out the season.

Off-Season Content

Pop quiz! How many FBS-level college football teams are there? There will be 133 when Kennesaw State joins Conference-USA this year. How many of those 133 teams have a new head coach? Upon last check, the answer is 31. Nearly a quarter of FBS college football teams will have a new head coach this season. In the age of the transfer portal and the coaching carousel, that’s 31 teams that are essentially starting fresh. Unlike previous years, we will be providing off-season previews for season-long subscribers over the summer to help you keep up with all of the moves and changes.

GoldSheet Lite

We are excited to offer a new product through the duration of basketball season into baseball season called GoldSheet Lite. Nothing has changed for The Basketball GoldSheet newsletter that we sell here at the GoldSheet web site. It still features game analysis, stat logs, situational records, power ratings, etc.. GoldSheet Lite strips away some of the advanced features and focuses on the daily game previews with basic stats and recommended plays. GoldSheet Lite is currently priced between $5-10 each day depending on how big the slate is, and it is the perfect complement to your personal handicapping. Think of it as a one-page tips sheet at the horse racing track.

To conclude, we acknowledge that the previous football season had its challenges and we appreciate everyone sticking with us. We have been hard at work behind-the-scenes to make sure that those hiccups are behind us. Early-bird pricing for the 2024-25 football season is currently in effect, and we encourage you to reach out to with any questions or concerns.