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  • The Gold Sheet (TGS)

    Since 1957, smart handicappers have realized the importance of all the information in each weekly issue. In-depth analyses, predicted results for all major college & pro games...injury report of key personnel...hexes, grudges and statistical and pro Power Ratings...the most accurate pointspread logs...and "Key Releases," our 7 top-rated plays (3 Pro, 4 College) each week. 22 Issues -late August - Super Bowl. Available Monday evening.

  • Conidential Kick-Off (CKO)

    Each week (18 issues), from nearly 50 college and pro football games, you get the FIVE TOP PLAYS with in-depth analysis off the early line. Included are Honorable Mention games that were being considered before we finally picked the top five. You also get a thoroughly-detailed statistical comparison of the week's match-ups, colleges and pros. SAVE $ WHEN YOU ORDER THE GOLD SHEET/CKO COMBINATION!

  • The Gold Sheet Extra!!!

    The perfect partner for your weekly Gold Sheet and source of the much-discussed Technical Plays of the Week. Serious handicappers as well as Fantasy Football fans can't do without the necessary "nuts-and-bolts" football forecasting tools in TGS EXTRA!!! Schedule: 15 issues - Weekly online every Monday night Special bowl issue mid-Dec.. SAVE $ WHEN YOU ORDER THE EXTRA IN COMBO WITH THE GOLD SHEET!

  • Friday Update

    The Friday UPDATE answers your important last-minute questions including key player changes...major injuries...coaches' game plans/ morale...reasons for sudden line moves...and much more. This time-sensitive report is available online every Friday afternoon starting in late August. 18 issues.

  • FB GS & CKO

    Always a better savings when you buy publications in combination. COMBINATION: THE GOLD SHEET (22 issues) & CONFIDENTIAL KICK-OFF (18 issues) When you add the FRIDAY UPDATE, you save even more. Please see individual products for a description of what you receive when you buy these publications.

  • The Gold Sheet Full Year

    THE GOLD SHEET - Full-Year Football- 22 issues & Basketball- 40 issues - Coverage from the first week of college football thru the end of the NBA regular season in basketball. Basketball is its own publication beginning late October with the start of the NBA - issues once a week through December, then twice weekly (more during the tournaments).

  • Triple Triple - all publications

    All The Gold Sheet publications from start of football through the NBA regular season including the NEW full-season of Basketball all for one low price. No need to subscribe to basketball when football's done. It's all there in one purchase. SPECIAL BONUS - sign up for the TripleTriple and we'll add the UPDATE to your handicapping arsonal FREE, a $99 value.

  • FB Season Ticket

    THE BEST DEAL FOR THE BEST PRICE! You get all 4 publications for the football season and the Late Telephone Service including the Bowl games and the NFL Playoffs all for one low price.

  • College Bowl Package

    College Bowl Phone Plays - we choose the very best among all the Bowl games to give you a winning Bowl package!


  • The Gold Sheet - Basketball

    From late Oct thur Dec, there is one issue a week and covers all games Friday to Thursday. Beginning in January, there will be two issues a week, one covering Friday thru Monday games and the second covering games Tuesday thru Thurs. When you buy Basketball for the season, you get all the issues through the end of the NBA regular season in April.

  • Confidential Tip-Off (CTO)

    A new issue of the CTO is available every Friday evening and covers games Saturday thru Friday.

  • Basketball Record

    Issue No. 1 with FINAL logs and spreadsheets for the previous season will be available in late Octorber. The next issue comes out after the NBA has played it's first few games, then every week after that until the end of the NBA regular season (24 issues total).

  • BB TGS & CTO

    Combination Basketball Gold Sheet (thu NBA regular season) and Confidential TIP-Off (14 issues)

  • BB TGS & Basketball Record

    Full season of Basketball Gold Sheet the Basketball Record through the NBA regular season.

  • Basketball Season Ticket

    The ultimate package for Basketball...The Gold Sheet through the NBA regular season, the Confidential Tip-Off, Basketball Record and Basketball Late Telephone Service through the NBA Championship all for one seasonal price.


  • Top Choice

    TOP CHOICE - One Late Telephone Service Selection Daily - $10 - $19 depending on the season.

  • TC Plus Baseball

    Top Choice PLUS Baseball- Monday thru Thursday - after 10:30 am Pacific, Friday - Sunday - after 9:30am Pacific - cost $25/day for 3 releases.

  • Top Choice Plus Hoops

    TOP CHOICE PLUS for Basketball $25 per day includes up to 3 plays per day, releases after 12:15 pm PST on game days.

  • Hockey Top Choice

    One great hockey pick a day for $15

  • Bruce's Daily Handicapping Plays

    Bruce's personal college and pro plays available on game days..

  • Carl Giordano Handicapping Plays

    Carl's college football plays will be available Fridays by noon and Saturdays at noon in the NFL.

  • Gary Olshan Handicapping Plays

    Gary's college football plays will be available Fridays by noon and Saturdays at noon in the NFL.